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Iron Clover Flies offers a variety of premium fly tying materials. These materials are unique and high quality. Shipping fees are a flat rate of $5 for orders under $100 and shipping is FREE for orders over $100! Shipping is via USPS ground to the continental US. Contact us for orders outside of the continental US or for expedited shipping options.

Caddis Green, Marabou

Caddis Green

Marabou buy clonidine 400 dyed caddis green, exclusive to Iron Clover Flies, used in Dan’s Pupa-bou fly pattern.


Stripped Coque Quill

Stripped Coque Quill
Stripped Coque Quill FlyQuantity: 15 per bag
Color: Natural (dark dun)

Extra large, extra durable, these rooster quills are over 8″ in length! They make fantastic segmented bodies on both nymphs as well as dry flies. The tips are even durable enough to use as tails on nymphs! You won’t find a more versatile stripped quill.

Dyed colors coming soon! !


Squiggle Worms

Squiggle Worms
Squiggle Worms Glow in the DarkYou may have seen similar products on the market, but what sets these aside from all others is the curly shape of these worms. This allows Squiggle Worms to wiggle and writhe in the current naturally. In still water they swim when stripped like no other…Oh yeah I almost forgot. .. They glow in the freakin dark!

Worms, squid legs, tails on poppers, the possibilities are endless with this awesome new product.


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